Saturday, January 15, 2011

You Paid How Much?

Yesterday I made my weekly visit to The Beverage Warehouse in the noosk, just a short walk away from my apt.  Friday night the line is full of young and old cradling 30 racks of pure misery (Busch, Bud, etc...) and it's always a good time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not too proud to take down some triple hops brewed Miller Lite, or whatever beer is in play when the occassion permits but as a rule if I'm rolling to the bevy it's because my boy Jeff has unleashed some new brews on the greater Burlington area.

I noticed his post while at work proclaiming that the latest vintage of Brooklyn Black Ops had arrived, as had something for my hophead lady, Sierra Nevada's Hoptimum

I was in a hurry, so the bros slowed me down a little but no worries. I got ahold of the brews I needed and stood in line amongst the "I hope I get laid tonights" and the "does this dress make me look fats" and admired the bottle collection Jeff keeps around the room.  When I got to the counter I placed my goods and pulled out the wallet, the fine cashier mentioned they had just arrived and totaled up my purchase which was just over $30 bucks for the 2 beers.

Of course, $30 for two beers is nothing for me. Whatevs, you pay for what you get. But the customer behind me said "$30 bucks for two beers, holy shit thats two 30 racks!" To which I simply laughed, paid the man and moved on happy with my small haul of rare goodies.

Certainly not the first time I've heard this, I've got a good friend that has told me the same thing. However, it was funny to hear it in line during checkout and I thought I would share.  People often judge me on these beer hauls, but when I press them I can typically find something they value and are willing to pay a premium for. I mean really, a shitty bottle of wine is often around the same price and you get the same volume so what the fuck right?

Anyway, hope this finds you well. Fight the good fight, drink the good drink.