Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Goose is Loose in the 802

Today I interrupt my irregularly scheduled blogging for a glorious announcement. The Goose has landed in Vermont. Run, don't walk to The Bevy and get you some! Goose Island is one of my favorite breweries, we are all in for a treat.

Recently new distribution from The Craft Beer Guild has created an influx of some of the most fantastic breweries around the country, and beer enthusiasts like myself have had a great start to the new year. Founders, Green Flash, Lagunitas, Sixpoint, and many other great new to us brands are now available at great beer stores like the previously mentioned Bevy as well as at the finest watering holes around town. So head down to The Farmhouse Tap & Grill and start sampling (of course, available all over but the FH is where my homies are at.

Now back to the Goose....I'm surprised it took this long, I started to see Honkers Ale around the new year but haven't seen anything until today otherwise. I should say this is an AB-In-bev product now, they were bought last year and the internets went "Rage Quit" on them but I can tell you the beers haven't suffered a bit so don't be shy or weary. They make great stuff.

The basic brews are good standbys for BBQ, or a softball game (312 now available in cans) but the cream of the crop brews you might have to hunt for. They make amazing sours, Belgians, and big beers but the winner for sure is. Bourbon County Brand Stout, in my humble opinion the best beer on this green Earth. Not available in Vermont just yet, but it is only a matter of time.

BCBS is available in a few varieties, but none compare to the original which is the easiest (not easy) to get hold of. I've traded for many, and am thrilled with the thought that I might be able to stroll in and pull it of the shelf myself without traveling to another state.

'Nuff said, this was impromptu and born from sheer excitement. BCBS was "the beer" that turned me on to the great joy of craft brewing (more on that story another time perhaps? involves being alone in a bar and getting hit on with no idea what do do....) so get out there, it's the weekend! Spring is nearby, and the Goose has landed just in time.


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