Friday, November 7, 2014

You Label Me, I'll Label You(r) Beer


I totally judge a beer by it's label & packaging. Just today I was grabbing lunch at City Market trying to decide what/if any craftbeer would be coming home with me.  I realized while browsing the large format section that I had skipped over several beers that are known to me to be excellent based on peer reviews, but I continue to pass them up because I find the labels/artwork/marketing to be weaksauce.

Am I alone? I don't normally order a beer based on tap handle at a bar so it is tough for me to explain this phenomenon. In my "real job" I'm drawn to marketing, and always have been. Things need to be aesthetically pleasing. Burlington Beer for example is just killing it with their labels, I would drink anything in those bottles!
I really love the simplicity, where less is more, much like Maine Beer Company, and even Hill Farmstead. I would rather see a hand written post it note on a beer then some of the labels I saw on the shelf.

I know that we should not "judge a book by it's cover" but there are some that just never make it into the basket for this reason. Obviously content is king, but for this beer geek I would suggest adding a little time and thought to your marketing strategy when it comes to designing your labels, and logos.


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