Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Truth about Beer Trading

Sure this video is a few months old, and I'm certain any fan of craft beer or trading has seen it. However I feel compelled to share it because it speaks such truths about trading.  I have done a few very lucrative trades on Beer Advocate and could not be happier. I've also found a great Chicago hook up via twitter strangely enough that has been keeping me up to snuff on the latest from one of my favorite breweries Goose Island.

Thanks to Heady Topper, I can virtually get anything I want. Love me some Alchemist, so sad to see it go but more on that another time as we prep for the opening of the Prohibition Pig in its place. In the meantime pick up the latest collaboration from Alchemist, Stone, and Ninkasi. Last I new it was still available at The Bevy in the newsk so go out and support two local business at once!

More to come on trades, until then, crack open a cold  room temp one and enjoy the video.



  1. Have you managed to trade for Pliny the Elder yet?

  2. Not as yet, however I don't think it will be hard. I'm going to get a new round of trades lined up later this month. My primary focus in 2011 was for the big behemoth imperial stouts and such. Still need Surly Darkness, and Kate the Great!