Friday, January 25, 2013

Beer & Weight Loss - A Thin Line Between Love & Hate

Good morning,

Happy Friday! Recently some followers of my blog, Twitter, untappd and instagram (I'm @metallidan btw) have noticed a drop in consumption/posts etc... So I thought I would address that here. I actually haven't had a beer since the 3rd by my own choice. Picked up a great deal of extra holiday baggage (weight gain) over the last few months and beer, though always there for me, is the number one culprit. I miss it. Hasn't stopped me from buying beer though! Picked up Sixpoint 3Beans, Green Flash Palate Wrecker, and Lagunitas Sucks over the last couple weeks. I'll for sure be cracking those at my Super Bowl party! (Go Ravens!)

So the result is that I've lost 15lbs this month, and have turned it around heading back in the right direction. Gym, eating well etc..Unreal how much beer plays into my weight, I need to find a better balance on that one.

 Plan to reintroduce beer again next Wednesday. The Farmhouse Tap & Grill is having a Ballast Point event. Pretty psyched about that. BP is new to Vermont in the last couple months. Sculpin IPA is fantastic, as is Victory at Sea. Looking forward to trying more at this event.

Then a few days later friends and family will be heading to Boston for Extreme Beer Festival put on by Beer Advocate. I've been the last couple years, this event is fantastic. This year we are doing both the Night of the Barrels and the Saturday evening session. Perhaps I'll see some of you there? Who's going?

Anyway, short post mostly for myself. Keep any eye out over on for more articles and such by me. Recently did a road trip review of Hill Farmstead, Highly recommend visiting if you can.  I will be doing a series of Vermont brewery reviews on that site so please check it out. Fun to be a part of it.



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